Release Notes

Version 1.4.2

What's New?

  • Added a "Do not reply" note to the end of all text messages that are sent by the system. (Sometimes users try to reply to system text messages thinking the message will go to an administrator's phone. But system messages are sent from a generic number.)
  • A web link is also included in all text messages, so users can quickly login and view the status of their reservations and checked out items.

Version 1.4.1

What's New?

  • Added "description" field for items and packages.
  • Added "notes" field for items and packages. Notes are only visible to admins.
  • It is now possible to delete users permanently and completely. (This will also remove their history.)
  • Changed the default behavior of restriction rules for new items: If no restriction rules have been set up in the system, new items will be accessible to any/all users by default. But if any restriction rules have been set up in the system, new items will be restricted to admin users by default. (and of course they can be changed from there to allow other users/roles to access them).
  • Added the ability to easily view and update restriction rules in the item and package views.

Version 1.4

What's New?

  • Create Roles and Restrictions for your users. This allows you to manage who can access what equipment.
  • Updated mobile-friendly design.

Version 1.3

What's New?

  • Send TXT messages to any of your users.
  • Setup preferences for sending automatic TXT reminders for overdue items and pickups/returns.

Version 1.2

What's New?

  • Schedule View on admin home page.
  • Batch import inventory items (using a .csv file).
  • Remove items (take them out of service) more easily.
  • Many UI refinements for reservation listings.

Version 1.1

What's New?

Lots of changes and improvements!

  • Packages: Bundle items into packages that can be reserved with a single click.
  • Office Hours: Set up office hours in your Prefs. User reservations will be restricted to the office hours you set up. (Admins can override regular office hours.)
  • Improved Date/Time picker: Simplified and more compatible with mobile devices.
  • Max Reservation Length: Restrict users to a maximum reservation length. Users will not be able to make reservations longer than the max reservation length. (Admins can override.)
  • Improved and streamlined tools to organize your items into categories and packages.
  • Improved UI and style changes.
  • Release Notes: We have a sparkling new release notes page. :-)
  • Lots of small changes, and more to come...


  • After receiving a lot of feedback about the item "pools" feature, I've decided to remove it. For most administrators it seems to cause more problems than it's worth.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release.